Don’t Be Behind the Mobile Trend in 2014

Ever been on your mobile phone, and landed on a “desktop” homepage where you can literally feel your eyesight worsening while you attempt to read the mice print? Or you bare with it for a few seconds, until you get crab claw from “pinching-and-zooming” ten too many times, and you go to look for an alternative source?

Introducing the perfect tool for the everyday, unresponsive website - The Crab Claw.

Introducing the perfect tool for the everyday, unresponsive website – The Crab Claw.

In fact, according to Google, 61% of mobile visitors who click through to a non–mobile-friendly website will return to Google to find a site that’s more easily readable from their device.

Optimizing web-content for mobile-viewing is imperative to online success.

Every online statistic in the world is hammering this point home.

So, what’s the solution?

For website content, I recommend transitioning your website to responsive design, versus creating a mobile-site. Responsive design means that your web-content will automatically adjust to fit the dimensions of the screen it’s being viewed on across all devices. This is also the most efficient option, as you will only need to adjust web-content in one place, versus updating a desktop, as well as a mobile site. Want to know how much of your web traffic is coming from mobile users? Simply go under “Audiences” and click “Mobile” in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Mobile Traffic

Similarly, for e-mail marketing, use a responsive-design e-mail template. Services like Mailchimp make this very easy – simply select a mobile-friendly template, and you’re ready to rock. Need an extra push? See these five case studies on how responsive e-mail design improved engagement and conversion rates.

For social marketing, optimize your messages for mobile-viewers by making them concise and having clear calls-to-action. And make sure any links go to a landing page that is optimized for mobile-viewing. You can now even craft target users by device-type, OS version, and WiFi connectivity on Twitter.

For more great tips, read Social Media Examiner’s post on “6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Social Mobile Marketing”, and Mashable’s “How to  Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy“.

What do you use more – your mobile phone or your desktop computer?