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One Key Social Media Question to Always Ask

“Would I find this interesting?” Before making a social media post (personal or professional), I always ask myself this question. And, it’s amazing how much asking this question can separate … Continue Reading →


5 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Increase Web Traffic

Want a great, concise read on some of the top e-marketing best practices? The Next Web’s “10 Commandments of Social Sharing and Driving Traffic to Your Website” is an incredibly … Continue Reading →


3 Key Take-aways from the Art of Marketing

The other day, I went to the Art of Marketing (which first required the Art of Getting a “Free” Ticket to attend) conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The day … Continue Reading →


Take the Time to Tailor Your Posts

Centralized social media dashboards are a lifesaver. They make it easy to track conversations across multiple channels in one, easy-to-find place. But, scheduling posts for different social media accounts is … Continue Reading →

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How to Hashtag

Now that hashtags have migrated from Twitter onto other platforms, such as Instagram, Google+ and Facebook, it might be prudent for a quick refresher on how to use them effectively.  … Continue Reading →

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Why Being Social Shouldn’t Stop at 5pm

Is your company only using social media during working hours? Do you schedule posts on weekends or do your handles go radio-silent once your social media managers clock out? If … Continue Reading →


Live-Tweeting: Is it Overkill?

Do you love to live-tweet? If so, you’re the reason I avoid opening Twitter and/or Facebook when I’m delayed from watching my favourite TV show. (And, man, am I glad … Continue Reading →

Man of Steel

Superman’s a Sell-out!

Are you excited for the new Superman: Man of Steel movie? I have to admit, it looks pretty awesome – and that’s after a complete saturation of superhero movies. Trailer … Continue Reading →

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Do I #smallenfreuden?!

Were you as confused as I was when the phrase “Do you #smallenfreuden?” was being plastered on billboards, blasted on radio, and even talked about on TSN? “Smallenfreuden” translates from … Continue Reading →

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Is Social Media Making You Smarter?

My first Twitter account was a ghost account that I used to follow actors and athletes. Now, when I look at my feed, the tweets are different – I follow … Continue Reading →