2 Tricks to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop

Want to share a photo or link on Facebook & Twitter? Here are two quick tips that will make your social media posts stand out from the crowd:

1) Take Advantage of Twitter Photo Previews

Posting a photo directly through Twitter now creates a photo preview. This means that when a user is scrolling through their Twitter feed, your tweeted photo will be automatically expanded, so that your post pops-out from text-only tweets.

Note: The photo must be uploaded directly into Twitter itself to create a preview-generating “pic.twitter.com” URL. Photos uploaded through tools, such as Hootsuite, will not generate a photo preview.

Here’s an example below:

twitter photo preview, twitter image

Now, what if you want to attract attention to a post using a photo preview, but also want to have a call-to-action to visit your webpage? Easy! Simply use a bit.ly or ow.ly shortener to condense down your website link length, and put it at the end of your tweet, as your normally would. At the very end of your tweet, use some sort of divider, like a “|” or “-” to create a visual separator between your website URL, and your pic.twitter.com URL. Example below:

twitter picture, twitter url

2) Take Control of Facebook Link Previews

Did you know that you can edit the title & description of link previews in Facebook? That’s right! You’ll notice that when you paste a link into Facebook, that titles and descriptions are automatically drawn from the data source (via meta-data). Here’s an example of how a link preview looks when I paste one of my blog links into Facebook:

facebook link preview, SEO

However, if you hover your cursor over the title or description of the link and left-click, you’ll see that you have the ability to change both fields. Now, my original post-link preview was already optimized, but for the purpose of demonstration, I could easily adjust it to say…

facebook photo preview example

Editing the title and description can positively impact SEO. Ensuring that all link previews include keyword-rich content makes your post more inclined to be indexed by Google spiders that are crawling through the Internet, looking for items containing keywords that users are searching for. Thus, creating this additional backlink to your website can positively impact your website traffic.

And, sometimes, meta-descriptions and keywords simply aren’t set-up properly by the source.  This often presents itself as a glaring blank space next to the link photo preview, or a description riddled with typos and/or a string of the least-used symbols on the keyboard. So, just go on in and edit away. I often like to change the title of the items I share on Facebook, such as an interesting Youtube video I’ve found, or a Buzzfeed list. This enables my friends get a better idea of what the video/post is actually about and make them more inclined to view it. (And, it also allows me to see who shares the link through me if they’ve disconnected the “Share” credit).

Try these two tricks and see if your posts get more clicks by their enhancing visual appeal and ensuring a strong call-to-action!

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